Optimized total cost of ownership

We do everything so that at the end of the day you have the best possible overview of the costs on your way to eMobility. That's why cost management is an important part of our eConsulting, with which we offer you a transparent cost structure, support you in the optimisation of your Total Costs of Ownership (e.g. through lower overall energy costs), identify possible financial incentives and commission application support on request.

Total cost of ownership content time

The total costs at a glance.

We know that you don't do your work just for fun, but want to earn money with it. That's why a transparent overview of your finances is particularly important. Our eConsultants calculate your Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) with the help of our internal cost tool, which offer the following benefits:

  1. a transparent comparison of the TCO of an eTruck with that of a diesel truck,
  2. ad-hoc simulations of the most important TCO influencing factors,
  3. save/load function for entered use cases and comparisons as well as optional reportings.

Together with our eConsulting experts, the evaluation of the economic efficiency of the electrification of your fleet is carried out. In addition to the costs, possible grants are considered. With our Daimler Truck Incentive Tool we help you to identify possible incentives or advantages in your market or country. Each of these countries offers different attractive incentives.

The concrete benefits for electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure consist of subsidies, tax reductions or exemption and loans. Other additional advantages are added to these, such as lower toll charges, lower costs for vehicle registrations, parking free of charge or exemptions from driving bans in inner cities.

Our eConsulting team will be happy to advise you on the choice of incentives that are relevant for you. If you have decided to apply for certain incentives, you can request the support of a partner agency: from obtaining the necessary documents to sending them off.

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