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Standing still is not an option.

If you want to go a long way, don't stand still. That is why we keep developing our way of working and we direct it towards a specific aim: making your work easier, more efficient and better networked – whether you're behind the wheel or at a desk.

Drivers at work benefit above all from the fully linked state-of-the-art, innovative Multimedia Cockpit with its e-specific functions and its new design. For example, it shows the range both in distance and time and the current and average energy consumption in kWh/100 km as standard, and it can also be personalised. Via the Mercedes‑Benz Truck App Portal you can integrate apps such as the TruckTraining App or fleet management apps.

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The Fleetboard Portal is the source for digital solutions and is intended to simplify work for fleet managers. In the portal, all services specifically tailored for work in and with the eActros are available. These comprise: Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Uptime, Logbook, Mapping and Fleetboard Charge Management. All so that you can get the very best out of your fleet!

Drivers of the new eActros can rely on the services of Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Uptime.

The intelligent system comprises all relevant vehicle data – from tyre pressure to the engine, and now to the battery status too. In this context, Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Uptime has been extended by more than 100 e-specific rules which constantly monitor, for example, charging processes or voltage history associated with the high-voltage battery. In addition, the information is available via the new cloud-based customer portal.

Thanks to the link between Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Service and transport companies, trips to the workshop can be planned and unexpected breakdowns can be avoided.

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So that you never lose control, Fleetboard Charge Management offers you an all-round view of all interactions between your eTrucks and the company's own charge stations. Whether it's the battery status, the remaining charge time or the charge history: full transparency regarding the charge network helps you to understand better and to optimise the charge behaviour of your eActros and the whole infrastructure. The planning tool makes it possible to look ahead and coordinate the charge sessions and charging routines or to incorporate charging patterns smoothly into existing processes. You can also make individual settings such as departure times and the relevant desired battery status.

Thanks to real-time data, it is possible for you to keep an eye on the status of your vehicle from a distance at all times and to intervene and provide support if necessary. You can see where your vehicles are and you are given relevant vehicle data on the current status of charge or of the battery/batteries. All that with just one click, intuitively and clearly presented!

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With the digital logbook you never lose sight of the whole picture. It gives you an overview of the entire history of all the trips a vehicle makes and enables you to recognise connections and contexts sooner. It helps you to derive what is particularly important for an eTruck and it shows you clearly how each trip has gone. The day's work of a truck is displayed clearly divided into three main categories: driving, waiting and charging. Clear information about the speed, the total weight, the height or the temperature make it possible to identify the level of utilisation, the problems and potential for further improvement per vehicle. Detailed filter options enable fleet managers to sort the data according to their individual criteria and provide them with the right messages.

The Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal is a marketplace for all apps that help your trucks perform even better. It lets you prepare each vehicle for specific tasks in real time. New applications and work flows, such as the TruckTraining App, can be installed directly in your trucks from the portal. They not only make drivers' day-to-day work easier, they improve the efficiency of the whole fleet.

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