Shaping the NOW&NEXT
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Shaping the NOW&NEXT

The digital event of Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Experience all the highlights of our digital Mercedes-Benz Trucks events.
Find out more about the topics of the future and the present: we present you with up-to-date information on eMobility and the Actros L, My TruckPoint by Mercedes-Benz and Services.

See Karin Rådström (Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks) and Andreas von Wallfeld (Head of Marketing, Sales & Services Mercedes-Benz Trucks) with their summary of current and future topics and features from Mercedes‑Benz Trucks.

Let us take you through all the possibilities that eMobility opens up.

Jasper Hafkamp (Head of Sales Development & Marketing Mercedes‑Benz Trucks)

If you would like to find out more about our new digital customer portal, check out My TruckPoint by Mercedes-Benz.

Jean-Marc Diss (Head of Region Europe Mercedes‑Benz Trucks)

The new premium model in the world of Mercedes-Benz Trucks – the Actros L.

Ulrich Loebich (Head of Sales Overseas Mercedes‑Benz Trucks)

Find out about our new service offers, e.g. for eMobility, at Services.

Uwe Kazmeier (Head of Customer Services & Parts Mercedes‑Benz Trucks)

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