Tyre labelling
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Tyre labelling

Information about tyre markings.

Since May 2021 labels are also mandatory for most truck tyres1031. The label on your new tyre instantly provides you with the most important information about efficiency, safety and the operating profile.

At the top of the label you will find information about the precise designation of the tyre, its size, load-bearing index number and the speed category.1032

The symbols below provide information about fuel efficiency, wet grip, noise emissions and winter suitability.

The greater the rolling resistance of the tyres, the greater the truck's fuel consumption. The fuel efficiency class of tyres is thus determined on the basis of the ascertained rolling resistance.1033 The scale ranges from class "A" (best value) to class "E" (worst value).

Important to know: the actual fuel saving depends largely on the driver's own driving style. Consumption can be considerably reduced by changes to this parameter. Another important factor relevant to consumption is also the correct tyre pressure.

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The tyre's grip on a wet road surface is an important safety aspect: good values mean short braking distances. That is why wet grip is tested1034 and documented with a class ranging from "A" (best value) to "E" (worst value).

However the same applies; in the main driving safety is dependent on the driver's own driving style. Please always take stopping distances into account when braking and regularly check the air pressure in the tyres.

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